Vintage Star Wars Roleplaying is the result of my rediscovery of the D6 Star Wars Roleplaying game books from my the void that was my closet.

Here you will find a progression of adventures and, so far, two campaign settings: Rebellion Era and The Cold War.

Galactic Empire’s inception was from the introductory adventure in the second edition Star Wars rulebook through which I ran my girlfriend’s character, Janada Van Loo. It became apparent to me that it was still a valid time period and many stories were still left to tell as I improvised the next two sessions and added a new player.

The Cold War is a time period around the Tales of the Jedi campaign setting, as produced by West End Games and most excellently detailed by Dark Horse Comics, in which the new “The Old Republic” MMO by BioWare is set. I’m ramped up about the game, the setting and the possibilities of enjoying the universe and seeing what real story tellers have to say about the Jedi, the Sith and the Star Wars universe.

- Grief

Vintage Star Wars