Garos IV

Garos IV was a pleasant world of forests, mountains and oceans. Its population was centered on a single continent in three major centers. It was most well known for the University of Garos. History

The indigenous humanoid civilization of Garos IV was wiped out by a ground quake 40,000 BBY. In 25,000 BBY, a Ssi-ruuk experimental hyperdrive vessel crashed on the planet. In 4,005 BBY, the planet was colonized by Humans. Its war with neighboring Sundari ended in a treaty 118 BBY, but restarted in 87 BBY. The planet allowed RRM settlement in 22 BBY, shortly before the Clone Wars.

During the reign of the Galactic Republic, the Garosian-Sundar truce was constantly violated, until the Galactic Empire took control. However, no citizen feels good about Imperial rule and maintains a constant rebellious attitude throughout the Rise of the Empire era. Trouble is they are too far from either the Imperial or the Rebellion’s interests and so neither have much resources to offer in defense or offense.

The tide is turning, however as an Imperial research facility has found traces of a mineral called Technology

The Hibridium Cloaking device was produced on Garos IV.

Hibridium was an ore that was found only on the western coastline of the main continent of the planet Garos IV. It was discovered that hibridium had a natural ability to cloak other objects. The Galactic Empire, searching for an alternative to stygium cloaking devices, discovered Garos IV, garrisoned the planet, and strictly regulated the mining of the ore. Unfortunately, the prototype hibridium cloaking devices were far less effective than those created from stygium. They required massive amounts of power to operate, more room to house the device, and left the craft on which they were being used double-blind. Though the craft was invisible to other ships’ sensors, it could not locate other ships with its own sensors. Another drawback of these devices was that they became unstable when entering hyperspace, often resulting in the destruction of the ships they were being used on.

Stygium crystal cloaking device

The Galactic Republic, in 22 BBY, passed a law controlling the trade of stygium, as it was a crystal that, when used properly, could entirely cloak a vehicle. In the Galactic Republic’s early years these devices were common, since Aeten II held an abundance of them. These vehicles included the Scimitar, Darth Maul’s ship, which carried an array of stygium crystals in its long prow.

Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, codenamed Starkiller utilized styguim crystals in his ship, the Rogue Shadow, which used a cloaking device.

During the events from the capture of the Tantive IV to the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Martio Batch sent an Empire superweapon to Aeten II, the Tarkin. There, the Tarkin blew open the planet to reveal its stygium core.

Using the crystals and the original stygium implementation, he started the Phantom TIE project. However, saboteurs from the Rebel Alliance destroyed the project and Batch fled. The use of stygium crystals stopped after the creation of the New Republic, although they were still available from Aeten II.[source?]

There was also an entire island on Maramere composed of the crystals, which made it invisible to scanners. Since the island was also covered with the fog surrounding the Haunted Strait, the island was also invisible to the eye, making it the perfect hideout for Sol Sixxa.

Garos IV

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