Vintage Star Wars

A Haunting Past

Janada and her crew have succeeded in creating a distraction at the Imperial Research Center at Garos IV. Yet the return flight planet-side has led to an adventure all its own…

Garos IV Comes to Life

The rebellion’s honest fight has ensnared Janada Van Loo.

After the destruction of the Last Chance and a quick rescue of Platt O’keefe and her Twi’lek ship mate, Tru’eb, Janada fought off a Corellian Gunship and fled back into Ariana with the Volta.

Platt directed her new pleeb to land at a safe spot amid the smoke spewing industrial area of Ariana. Through a smoky spire the Volta descended into an old power station that serves as HQ for a bloated rebel cell priming itself for an attack on the resident Imperials. Platt and Tru’eb were scheduled to run a mission for the rebels but with the destruction of her ship the deed was offered to Janada who’s only exception was payment and rights to any valuable opportunities.

The “data-download-and-destruction-dropoff” mission was a success for Janada and her crew and with only minor damage from a couple of TIE fighter blasts. The Volta is arcing back to Ariana when it is confronted by a new threat…

plot options

what could be happening in the galaxy?

The year is 3,653 Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY).

Tython is a Deep Core world being re-populated by the remainder of the Jedi order after the Sacking of Coruscant and the destruction of the Jedi Temple. Food, medical supplies, building materials and thousands of artifacts need transporting from Coruscant.

Who better to do it than Gonyn Vek, the renowned captain of the Zephyr and her polished crew?

What could possibly happen when the galaxy is politically halved by the Sith Empire, there are riots in the courts of Coruscant and the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic has been murdered?

It’s story time!

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