Vintage Star Wars

Garos IV Comes to Life

The rebellion’s honest fight has ensnared Janada Van Loo.

After the destruction of the Last Chance and a quick rescue of Platt O’keefe and her Twi’lek ship mate, Tru’eb, Janada fought off a Corellian Gunship and fled back into Ariana with the Volta.

Platt directed her new pleeb to land at a safe spot amid the smoke spewing industrial area of Ariana. Through a smoky spire the Volta descended into an old power station that serves as HQ for a bloated rebel cell priming itself for an attack on the resident Imperials. Platt and Tru’eb were scheduled to run a mission for the rebels but with the destruction of her ship the deed was offered to Janada who’s only exception was payment and rights to any valuable opportunities.

The “data-download-and-destruction-dropoff” mission was a success for Janada and her crew and with only minor damage from a couple of TIE fighter blasts. The Volta is arcing back to Ariana when it is confronted by a new threat…



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